A downloadable game

Made as part of the Infocom Tribute Jam, in this comedy mystery text adventure you play the time-traveling assistant to bumbling detectives, at the ready wherever and whenever you're needed.

Suspense, deduction, forensic science, three-dimensional characters, thought provoking puzzles.  This game has none of that.  It does feature part of a heist and part of a murder mystery and hopefully a few laughs. 

The game  should take an experienced text adventurer less than 20 minutes to play (It took me 30  to finish after I finished coding it. :D ) . The game also features hints if you need them (type "Hints").

The game was written in Inform 6 (z5), and requires a Zcode interpreter to play.

Install instructions

Download and install an interpreter program for your platform (like Frotz or Filfre) and then run the interpreter and open the file.


SgtGuffysDay.z5 124 kB